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Will Smith and Dr. Hu in Beijing 2009

Hu Gi Chinese Acu-Herbal Center

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Mesa Location on Tuesday: 1660 S. Alma School Rd. Unit 117 Mesa AZ 85210

Chandler location (established patients only) Monday & Wednesday: please Call  or Text 6025021888 for address.

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Gu Tong Tie Gao


Heating effect on muscles and joints

Dispels wind and cold

Disperse stagnation of Qi in the meridians

Ingredients: olibanum, rhizoma notoginseng, radix angelia sinensis, curcuma longa, herba mentha

Put the plaster on the right place. effective for 12 hours. 1 day per 2 days.

Warning: don't use it on sensitive skin or on an open wound. Not during pregnacy.